Film and Photography


The Kemper Campbell Ranch boasts unique desert scenery, from the surprising beauty of the 8-acre cottonwood forest lining the river corridor to the striking rock formations of the Mojave Narrows, to Joshua trees, beautiful green pastures and lakes. Between all that and our unique and historic architectural structures, we may be the location for your next shoot or project.


The Ranch and Main House have provided unique and idyllic settings for various films over the years. Most recently, Mank, the 2020 Netflix feature film directed by David Fincher and starring Gary Oldman, contains several scenes shot at the Ranch. This project was particularly special because it tells the story of the creation of the 1941 masterpiece Citizen Kane, which was actually written by Herman Mankiewicz while he was a guest at the Ranch in 1940. (In the film, the Ranch is called the North Verde Ranch, as the events took place a few years prior to the Campbell family's decision to rename it the Kemper Campbell Ranch.) 


In order to preserve the peaceful and private environment at the Ranch, we only allow professional photographers and film makers, and on a limited basis. Please contact us for information on pricing and availability.


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